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German Pewter Nuernberg Bridal Wedding Cup
KING-WERK Würfel & Müller - Bierkrug Fabrik -

$ 107.87 *

This German Bridal Cup also known as a Wedding Cup has a swiveling cup and hollow dress which allow both the bride and groom to drink simultaneously. The legend of the "Nuremberg Bridal Cup" as told by the manufacturer. A long time ago a goldsmith in the city of Nuremberg wanted to wed Kunigunde, a young lady of noble birth. Her father, however, did not like the idea and resorted to a ruse to prevent his daughter from marrying the penniless artisan. He would only allow the wedding to take place on condition that the goldsmith succeeded in making a vessel from which two persons could drink together without spilling a drop of its contents. The goldsmith succeeded, and the news of the happy ending spread quickly all over Bavaria, where the Bridal Beaker has been in use ever since.
To this day for many couples the chalice remains a symbol of love, faithfulness and good luck, which awaits the couple who drinks from this cup.

• Solid Pewter with a satin finish.

• Height: approx. 6.5inch

How to drink from this cup ?
The open end of the skirt-shaped cup is held up while the small cup suspends freely underneath. Both cups are filled and the groom drinks from the larger cup, while the bride drinks from the smaller cup.

KING-WERK Würfel & Müller - Bierkrug Fabrik - Made in Germany

$ 107.87 *
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