German Music Boxes from Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains)


Music Box Seiffener church village, 'Silent Night'

$ 190.35 *

German Spring Music Box

$ 265.95 *

Music Box Teddy Bear

$ 143.10 *

Richard Glässer Music Box Apple children musicians

$ 222.75 *

Easter music box with Easter bunny Mom with watering can

$ 80.86 *

Easter music box with 2 Easter bunnies in egg

$ 132.30 *


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German Music Boxes - Manufacturer:

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Music boxes from Germany with melody

German Music Boxes

Music boxes made of wood are something unique and fascinating. Music Box is the popular name for musical boxes. The music box with her beautiful melodies is a fascinating self-playing musical instrument.

Germany is a country with a long tradition in the game of making clocks. Particularly well known for music boxes made of wood is the Erzgebirge with his Erzgebirge folk art. We perform detailed and also popular with collectors game clocks in masterful craftsmanship.

More Christmas music boxes are in the category Christmas.

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