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Black Forest Cuckoo Clock modern 1day movement Bauhaus red
Rombach & Haas Schonach (Romba)

$ 480.99 *

Black Forest cuckoo clock modern green in Bauhaus style. The cuckoo clock has a mechanical 1 day movement with manual night shut-off of cockoo call. Handycraft from Uhrenfabrik Rombach & Haas in Schonach Black Forest.
This exclusiv cuckoo clock is available in colors black, red and green.

Design Cuckoo Clock modern Bauhaus style
mechanical 1 day movement
Cuckoo call
Colour: red
Height: 20cm/8inch
Width: 22cm/8.8inch
Deep: 13cm/5.2inch

Rombach & Haas Schonach (Romba) Made in Germany

$ 480.99 *
)* including 19 % Tax excluding Shipping costs

Product No.: RHCS14-3
Weight: 5.000 kg
Shipping time: 3-5 Working Days1 
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