German Christmas Time:   Light houses

Light house Forester's House, small
Birgit Uhlig Erzgebirgische Lichterhäuser Olbernhau

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Light house Foresters House with fir trees
size baseplate 18.5x16.5cm, height 11.5cms
with electric illumination 220V or 110V

Already before 1900 light houses were manufactured in Olbernhau in german Ore Mountains, at that time every light house was illuminated with a candle.
With one in ruler and corner to invested piece knife the cardboards were cut out for the light house. For the doorways and apertures of the light house there were special blow knives. Skillful hands glued window and window paper in the cuttings in the light house one and let bit by bit the different small houses come into being.

Birgit Uhlig Erzgebirgische Lichterhäuser Olbernhau Made in Germany

$ 130.95 *
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